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Sustainability Awareness

We have simplified the process while retaining the vital features of real and transparent progress.  In case, you are looking for a more complex process; you need to know that it starts with SOMEONE in the company who wants to offer assistance toward a more sustainable program.  We would like several people to take the sustainability awareness course.  In particular, department managers, purchasing agents, and decision-makers.  By default, all who take the training make up the Sustainability Team and will be contacted by a Certified Sustainability Consultant who will offer their help.

The sustainability awareness course is made to be very simple.  There are twelve modules, and you will receive these by email each month in bite-size portions that allow you to quickly gain greater insight.  Take the twelves courses faster if you like or as they come your way.  At the end of each module, there is a couple of polling questions to assure that you understand the key elements.  During your learning process, the mission is to formulate a plan consisting of Green and sustainable ideas that can be applied in the department or company.  In the end, the members of the team will receive their Sustainability Officer certificates when the company earns enough points to be certified through the Council on Green program.