The Smart Process for a Sustainable Business

Sustainability has a Thousand POartsThe process to earn a Green or Certification can be costly and difficult, but it need not be.  Sustainable processes are no longer a mystery, and many improvements like LED lights, HEPA vacuums, and energy-saving devices are now readily available.  We believe that "Green has gone Mainstream" meaning that these ideas are no longer new and hard to find.  You can buy recycled paper or go paperless without an advisor.  In fact, there are hundreds of ideas for home and business that are out there.  We simply need to include them in our lives to participate for a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

We believe that the process starts internally, not externally as promoters push a Green agenda with their special version of Green products.  The reduction of the Carbon footprint doesn't happen by signing a pledge, but by installing methods and products that are less toxic to our world.  Energy or waste reduction are not stand-alone ideas, but an item-by-item decision to make smarter everyday decisions.

So, our mission is to raise the Environmental IQ of those who work and live in the heart of the action.  We seek to provide the workable solution for those working inside the business to take on the challenge of sustainability certification via a step-by-step program that is easy to follow.  Your first step is a twelve part online course that you take anytime it fits your schedule.  The second part, is identifying obvious areas your department or company can improve without hardship.

Sustainability TeamStart out by signing up for the Sustainability Awareness Training regardless of your role in the company.  Enrollment is simple, and we offer twelve interactive courses that will provide the foundation for what follows.  We show you how sustainability is not one or two token efforts that are thereafter neglected, but many smaller steps that can make a huge difference.  This can be done on your own, in your department, or across a large company.  When you understand the "Step Process", you will discover that any type of company and any size business can improve its Green and sustainable practices.

However, this will not happen from outside consultant who are not fully integrated into the company's daily routine.  By allowing every department manager to take the Sustainability Awareness Training, you automatically develop a Sustainability team that can make the improvements as best suited for the company.  Keeping the Sustainability Team on track and focused is not a given, neither is it easy.  Busy people can discover that their best intentions are tabled until the next meeting where little has been done.

The Certified Sustianability Consultant, provides the accountability and motivation to keep the Sustainability Team engaged and progressing.  Because there are goals and an accountability process, the good ideas do not wait for a more convenient time.  Goals are moved to accomplishments, and accomplishments are turned into certification.  With a Certified Sustainability Officer working with the Sustainability Team, the best intentions of the sustainability effort are not lost.